Time of Our Lives

“Welcome to Disney World children! What park do you fancy to go to?” asked the bus driver. “Epcot!Epcot!Epcot!” chanted the children. “Epcot it is! You can learn so much from just a single park such as culture and several subjects!

Culture is one of the many subjects represented in Epcot. As a bus driver, I’ve heard many people talking about their day in the park. They say ‘Oh dear, that is just like the real thing with all of their traditions!’. Now, if you don’t know about countries traditions and want to understand them then listen up! Epcot has many rides and shows that will help you. Nonetheless, there is many food that comes straight from that country! A word to the wise to have Moroccan food than go straight to Mexico. You’ll blow up a lavatory.

You can also learn subjects from plenty of rides. My personal favorite subject is science, so let’s talk about that. Just consider you can study about underwater mammals and fish at the Living Seas. You can see Clownfish, Stingrays, Sharks, even Manatees. However, if you’re more into weather and air patterns then head to Soarin’. You can see how weather is different in different climates and see how it would effect you in your hanglider. Another big attraction is Spaceship Earth. It shows how science has changed from Ancient Egypt to modern day. That’s not all the subjects though! There is also m- Hey You! Sit Down!

Here we are! Epcot. Have fun and remember all of the facts I have told you! But that’s not all of them! There is more than just culture and science represented in Epcot! Go find some more facts for yourself!


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