Element, Compound, Mixture

Element- a pure substance that can’t be broken down into smaller matter; the building blocks of matter


Compound- a chemically combined substance made from two or more elements


Mixture- a number of substances that are physically combined and can be removed easily


Retreat for Life

When I opened the card I dropped it in fright. I had been invited to Sean’s birthday party. I was afraid, afraid of being shot. I had no camouflage clothes or airsoft gun. If not for my friends, I wouldn’t have gone.
We were the runners, and that meant we got to find base first. We had two minutes to find and set up camp. We found a small island with tree trunks fallen over for protection. It was perfect.
Once the two minutes were up, the race was on. The other team had split up from the start. One person on the other team spotted me and it was open-fire. I zoomed past my teammates yelling “RETREAT!” I dropped my gun when I stepped in a ditch. I figured my team was dead, since we were playing no captive rules. I didn’t know these woods at all, while the other team came here all the time. I could only keep running. I kept running, and was out of breath, so I needed to stop. I leaped into the trees to take a breather. The other team didn’t see me. I hopped out and ran the other direction. They heard my ruckus and started to follow me.
I couldn’t hold in much longer. It was do or die time. I needed a plan on short notice. They stopped for water on the other side. If I had my gun, I would have ambushed them.
That when I found it. My teammate’s gun on the ground. I could hear their footsteps behind me. I started to run, but was out of breath and died. I learned that you can conquer you fears when you set your mind to it.


Calvin Coolidge

In 1905 he met and married Grace Anna Goodhue

He was born on July 4, 1872

A republican lawyer from Vermont

Massachusetts state polotic

Calvin Coolidge

The 30th president

He had alot of jobs

He said fewer people should pay taxes

On January 5, 1993 he died from coronary thrombis

Goodbye 13, Hello 14

Four score and one year ago it was 2013. I have plenty of memories, I’ll only tell you three. My first one is when I went to Pine Cove with Sean, Logan, and Casen. When we got there we took a swim test and ate cheeseburgers. The next day we went to horses and the lake. That night we did Pitch Black Attack! It’s where you run around at night and try to collect clues. If the bad guys catch you, you have to try to trick them that you’re someone that you’re not. For instance if someone caught me I would be like ” Pizza Delivery!”  and the would let me pass or take away my microchip (which is just a Fruit Loop). On Tuesday we swam in the pool and did horses. The next day we went on the fifth grade trip to the Ranch. Not the dressing, but the next camp. When we got there one of the counselors showed us around. Once he was done, we played dodge ball for two hours. When we got home our counselor Chubby Bunny made us go straight to showers and bed. For Thursday we swam in the lake and in the and rode horses. On Friday we did something called campers choice. It’s where you get to do exactly what you want to do for the in tire day. The only other meal I remember is Cicis pizza and brownies. Once the seconds were gone, we went to the Excaliber. There we heard the rules of Buffalo Hunt. That’s a game where you roll around in the mud and tackle your counselors. Finally our glorious week had to end. One week after Pine Cove we went to Disney World! When we got there after our two hour flight, we went to Blizzard Beach. There it looked like a frozen beach with curvy water slides. The first water slide we went on was called Teamboat Springs. It was a long, eight person raft going down a slope. After six more slide the park closed due to lightning. The next day I faced my fears of riding Rockin Roller Coaster. The line was one hour, but worth the wait. We went from zero to sixty MPH in two point eight seconds. Then two loops after that. After dinner I faced my bigger fear, Tower of Terror! There you would drop thirteen stories straight down. The next day we went to Magic Kingdom. There we did the triple mountain whammy! Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain. My favorite is Space Mountain because it’s so dark that you can’t see where you’re going. On Splash Mountain you get soaked while falling thirty feet. In Big Thunder Mountain you’re on a runaway mine train. After another action packed day we went to Animal Kingdom. There we went straight to Mt. Everest. There we saw the legendary yeti. Once we were done we rode Kali River Rapids. That’s where you ride down the Kali River. For dinner we went to a place called Chef Mickey. That’s a buffet where the characters come and greet you at your table. The next day we went to the fourth theme park, Epcot. There we rode Test Track, where you build your own car and put it to the test. After that we rode Sorin’. That’s where you fly up above California and hang glide. The next day we went to Typhoon Lagoon. We swam with sharks and stingrays and even swam in the world’s largest inland wave pool. We also went to Downtown Disney, which is filled with shops. After the action packed week we had to go home. Later in December I got a trampoline for Christmas. I was so thrilled at first until I realized you had to build it. While we were building it my dog decided to jump on. When we got the net on my sister was jumping with the door opened. My dog decides to jump through the door on to the trampoline. I  was upset because I wanted so bad to see my dog run into the net. Anyways moving on into 2014. I don’t make resolutions, but I make goals. Two things that I want to do is make an app and draw better. One thing that I want to stop doing is eating so many sweets. One thing I want to get better at is computer programing. Four books that I want to read are all in Warriors series two. If you put those numbers together it makes2114, but the first one is to stop doing so 2014.

December 7, 1941

President Roosevelt called it infamy

Eight o’clock

Arizona, Ogalala, West Virginia, California

Ready to fight was Dorris Miller

Little men on duty

Happened December 7,1941

Attacked by Japan

Radar found the planes

Bombed us into World War II

On our own soil for the first time

Recognize our heros with a  memorial