A Problem I solved on my own

The wind in my sweaty brown hair felt superb on the burning hot July afternoon. “Clang!” I heard that noise and saw a small dent in the shell and thought “ What just happened?” My momentum declined and my pedals were baggy and floppy. That’s the day I learned to mend a bike chain all by myself.

Earlier that day I was breezing down my road because my A/C was barely working. The heat was rising to 110 degrees and my pool offered no relief. I glanced over at my friend’s house wondering if his A/C was working when I heard the sound.

“What is that noise?” I asked myself. My pedals were rolling, but I was in a stand-still. I figured out I should just trudge home and see what had happened to cause this. Walking into my scorching hot garage, I checked all the possibilities. I inspected whether the wheel was flat, my handle was inverted, or my pedal had broken. None of these were the problem. I started to push the pedal only to see the bright chrome chain jingling against the wheel. I tried to put it back where it belonged only to find it bounce off like an air-tight spring.

I was tired and didn’t want to deal with a problem that I didn’t know how to solve. I tried to hammer the chain on, screw it back on. I was about to tape it on until I realised that it couldn’t move thus making my problem worse.
I couldn’t think of anything that could put this tiny escape artist back on track.

When all seemed hopeless, I thought about calling for my dad to help me. Instead, I clutched a wrench in my sweaty palm and started to tinker with the chain. That’s when I saw the answer to this riddle. I was able to hook it back on the bike because of the tiny poke from it fracturing.

When I decided to come, in I was comforted by a blanket of cool air known as air conditioning. I was glad that this had happened to me now, so that when it happens again I’ll be ready. I learned that attempting something new can lead you to failure or success; it all depends on how hard you try.

Time of Our Lives

“Welcome to Disney World children! What park do you fancy to go to?” asked the bus driver. “Epcot!Epcot!Epcot!” chanted the children. “Epcot it is! You can learn so much from just a single park such as culture and several subjects!

Culture is one of the many subjects represented in Epcot. As a bus driver, I’ve heard many people talking about their day in the park. They say ‘Oh dear, that is just like the real thing with all of their traditions!’. Now, if you don’t know about countries traditions and want to understand them then listen up! Epcot has many rides and shows that will help you. Nonetheless, there is many food that comes straight from that country! A word to the wise to have Moroccan food than go straight to Mexico. You’ll blow up a lavatory.

You can also learn subjects from plenty of rides. My personal favorite subject is science, so let’s talk about that. Just consider you can study about underwater mammals and fish at the Living Seas. You can see Clownfish, Stingrays, Sharks, even Manatees. However, if you’re more into weather and air patterns then head to Soarin’. You can see how weather is different in different climates and see how it would effect you in your hanglider. Another big attraction is Spaceship Earth. It shows how science has changed from Ancient Egypt to modern day. That’s not all the subjects though! There is also m- Hey You! Sit Down!

Here we are! Epcot. Have fun and remember all of the facts I have told you! But that’s not all of them! There is more than just culture and science represented in Epcot! Go find some more facts for yourself!


Where did it go?-A Spring Break poem

Lay in bed

Watching videos

Rain wouldn’t go away

Had some sleepovers

Mainly sat

At home

Did nothing

But I still owned

Go to sleep at 1:30 AM

Wake up

Lay in bed

Watching videos

Wash rinse repeat

Mom walks in

“Go away”

“You have to go to school”


Where did it go?


Snow Day

you wake up

look outside!

there’s snow on the ground

let’s go ride


you fasten your jacket

put on your hat

go to your friends house

that’s where it’s at


go to their gate

snowballs at the ready

there they are

take aim steady


hop over the fence

go to play

running around

your friend shouts “Hey!”


got hit in the face

on your back

he laughs

you got racked


you hop up

get some more

throw it so hard

he gets floored


I’m covered in snow

I look like a cloud

it’ll get into my house

my mom won’t be very proud


the day’s ending

it was so much fun

it was so long

you don’t want it to be done

That one There

God created father and mother for different purposes. My father was created especially for me. I He stands me when I don’t eat my vegetables or play video games to long. When he comes home from work he’s happy to see us even if he’s had a bad day. He’s a key part of my family I couldn’t live without. My dad’s very admirable. He will be there for you. You can tell him everything because he’s trustworthy.

My dad has always been there for me. For years I’ve signed up for baseball with him as my coach. Meanwhile he helps me with homework when I need it because I’m getting frustrated. Now when I broke my arm trying to rock-climb a dresser, he was the first at the ER. He’s just always been there for me, and I hope nothing changes between that.

Trustworthiness is a great trait to have, especially for a father. Of course, he knows my secrets well because I trust he won’t tell anyone. When something bothers me I go to him to cry on and tell everything that’s happened. So, everybody in my family trusts him to be a leader. He is one of the most trustworthy dads in the world.

Everyday I thank God for what padre he has given me. I don’t know what I would do if my dad wasn’t the same. Everytime he walks into that door from work, I’m gonna give him a great, big, bear-hug. I couldn’t have gotten a better dad if I asked for it. He’ll stay by your side to make sure you’re okay. Trustworthiness makes him a perfect and admirable dad.